About Sacred Art

   Sacred art is not necessarily made of images may be no more than the quite silent exteriorization of a contemplative state.... It reflects no ideas but transforms the surroundings by having them share an equilibrium whose center of gravity is unseen.... ornamentation with abstract forms enhances contemplation through its unbroken rhythm and less interweaving.... Continuity of interlacement invites the eye to follow it, and vision is transformed into rhythmic experience accompanied by the intellectual satisfaction given by the geometric regularity of the whole....                                         Burckhdrt  1976

A universal beauty showed its face:

The invisible deep–fraught significants,

Here sheltered behind form’s invisible screen,

Uncovered to him their deathless harmony

And the key to the wounder-book of common things.

In their uniting law stood up revealed

The multiple measures of the up lifting force,

The lines of the World –Geometer’s technique,

The enhancements that uphold the cosmic web

And the magic underlying simple shapes.

                                                                                                          Sri Aurobindo Grose

                                                 !872 1950


 Education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of Nature, under which name I include not merely things and their forces, but men and their ways; and the fashioning of the affections and of the will into an earnest and loving desire to move in harmony with those laws.


                                                                                                 Thomas Henry Huxley


                                    English biologist) 

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